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ann, Touch from the mother
From the Ancient Serpentine Rivers of Lunar Glory, weaving Her Umbilical Gifts of Enlightenment through the pregnant pyramids of Eternity, The Great Cosmic Mother, Queen of the Heavens, spills Her Nile Rhythms of tidal transformation to Her Moonchildren. Drink from Perfecting Fiery mists of Her Alchemical Breathing as Herald weaves Her Prophetic Eastern Dance of Rivering Glory through the Birthing cycles of these 39 Original Mantric Paintings … Each pattern shimmering through the reflective shadows with the prismed vibrations of our Be-Longing … Each Image radiating through the mystical energies from the Sacred Lotus Flower of Life … Each design ringing with the Inner Tones that capture Her Light through Memory, Meditation and Sound. Bathe your being during these Harvesting Seasons with the Artistic and Poetic Images that purify (through the cleansing Western Waters of Truth), that penetrate (though the purging Southern Fires of Love), the permeate 9through the songfiled Northern Roots of Life).

As we are pierced with the directive colors of sounds of Her prismatic presence, our breath is Altared … and the Fluid consciousness of Her Fertile Body reflects the Principle Rays of Alignment throughout our Every cell. Fullfill the very longings of your Soul … Align the filaments of the very Muscles of the Starry Heavens, Stretch the Ligaments until the Sound Vibrations resonate with the Lumination Wave Particles of Her Holographic Being and in the midnight moments of Lunar Awakenings fallowing each tidal Birthing of the Full Moon cycle, Our Mother will whisper Her Prophetic offerings into our shifting cells.

Hearken for Her Footfalls …
… Become Fluid
… Become Crystal
… Become Starshine
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