Ann Creer

Ann Creer 1941-2022

August 13, 2022

Today Ann Creer passed away peacefully close to family and friends.

Ann Creer's beautiful mind will continue to be available through her poetry and art for all to enjoy today and for future generations.

May we continue to be blessed by her memory, as we were in her lifetime.

October 2009

Chosen by a jury to participate in two ART Gallery Shows scheduled for 2010.

August 2009

Signed a three year contract with Canadian Memorial Church and Center for Peace authorizing them to use image #2 from SUN FATHER Series for the marketing of peace flags, banners and T-shirts.

January 2009

Completed her first book of poetry -Spears of Seasons.

January 2005

Honored by the Queenswood Centre, having selected a series of her original paintings to have on permanent exhibition.

March 2004

Introduced digital reproductions to her repertoire with a wedding of Mantra and Image, superimposed.

March 2002

One woman multi-media exhibition of Cosmic Mother/ Sun Father and Earth Child series, featured at the Greater Victoria Council of the Arts, presenting paintings, poetry (translated into French and Japanese), and original music.

May 2001

'Trinitas' - Flower of Light - a daily wedding ceremony, was accepted at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Scheduled for a future world premier.

March 2001

Published her first book, 'Trinitas' - Flower of Light - a daily wedding ceremony used for the balanced healing of mind, body and spirit ┬Čintroduces mantras, asanic postures and psalms for seasonal contemplation.

July 2000

Was included as one of 1 000 women in the world chosen to be a part of the ih edition publication of 'International Sketches of Women Who Have Influenced the World', through Politics, Science and the fields of Art and Literature.

June 1999

Received the honour of being nominated 'Woman of the World' by the American Biographical Institute of Women of Influence.

January 1997

Elected as a new member into the International Society of Poets: HALL OF FAME MUSEUM - which offers, through web site coverage to the world, her poetic contributions for the promotion of peace, compassion, equality and education. The museum received 5,000 visitors each day.

June 1996

Was given personal recognition and praise from the internationally established Singer, Author, Playwright, and Healer, Ann Mortifee, for her poetic and musical presentation of 'Trinitas' (an odyssey of 38 poetic mantras or psalms taken from the text of Earth Mother, Sun Father) and celebrating humanity's 'oneness' through kinship. 'Trinitas' is soon to be publicly presented as an alternative wedding ceremony for humankind as well as to be used alternatively for healing means through 'Heralds Aquatic Mantras'.

March 1996

Received personal recognition and affirmation from Dr. David Suzuki for her healing contributions (in the arts and literary fields) towards the nourishment and healing for our planet Earth. She received the honour of being asked to submit a painting with poetry to 'The David Suzuki Foundation'.

December 1995

Placed among the top 2% of poets entering in the International Poets Society competition. Her poems, along with 9 others, were chosen to be taped professionally, and to be distributed to anthology departments in existing libraries. She became a distinguished member of International Society of Poets.

November 1995

Placed among the top 3% of poets who entered the competition offered by the International Society of Poets in Maryland, U.S.A.

September 1994

Signed a three-year contract for the making of T-Shirts with Cook Design Studios, a professional screen printer in Victoria, British Columbia.

June 1994

Chosen by the jury to participate in the Annual Arts & Crafts Show, sponsored by B. C. Government's Small Business and Development Branch in B.C., held at B.C. Place in Vancouver, British Columbia.

October 1993

From 300 applicants, chosen along with 16 others to represent Southern Alberta in the annual Christmas Arts and Crafts Festival. Branched into T-Shirts, Greeting Cards, Poetry Booklets, and printed copies of Paintings.

T-Shirts carried at MaCabees Bookstore in Lethbridge, Alberta, Selected paintings carried at Baa Gallery in Lethbridge, Alberta.

June 1993

Selected showings of EARTH MOTHER, SUN FATHER carried at Instinct Art Gallery, Victoria, British Columbia.

October 1992

One-woman multi-media exhibition of SUN FATHER, Bowman Arts Centre Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta.

September 1991

Qualified in juried selection of twelve women Artists to represent Southern Alberta, 'Art in the Park'.

October 1990

One-woman multi-media exhibition of EARTH MOTHER, Bowman Arts Centre Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta.

May 1989

Selected paintings included among Island Women Artists, Great George Street Gallery, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

March 1989

One-woman multi-media exhibition of EARTH MOTHER, Holland College School of Visual Arts, Charlottetown, P.E.I. Painting, Poetry and Musical composition included.

March 1989

CBC Television coverage for EARTH MOTHER, with personal interview.

January 1989

In collaboration with Dr. David Kellum, presented their first full length musical comedy; featuring fourteen original songs by Ann Creer; script and lyrics by Dr. Kellum.