Ann Creer
We are their Servants

K.R.Prior 1932 - 2020

For those of us haunted through the mystery of poetry, where rhythms and cadences dance -
Where the power of the Muse beckons -
And where the gods and the goddesses await -
We are their Servants.

Many moons ago, while sitting on a bench drinking in the beauty of the oceanic shoreline in Victoria, B.C., a stranger arrived and, sitting down beside me, we felt a familiar poetic spell encircling us. Thus began our platonic relationship, which wove an intricate tapestry through a period of 25 years.

To me, Roy Prior’s poetry is heraldic … such a vast variety of colour and sounds, and of moods, where Beauty, Despair, Wit, Irony, Cynicism, and Passion intertwine.

The day that we first met, I had been reading a volume of the great Canadian poet, P.K. Page, and after sharing it with Roy, he became enamoured of her unique and variable rhythm, bearing a numerical count of rare quality. Upon sharing his ideas with P.K. Page, they exchanged several letters and Roy was eventually invited to give a few public readings of her works.

Through the brilliance of his mind and the passion of his voice, he indeed shifted worlds for me.

He continues to do so through the powers of memory, where his sound ever sings, through Timeless Awakenings.