Ann Creer
Ode to Sun Father
Daybreak finds you here before me, real, alive,
miraculous as stars who spin each pulsing dream
to light ... oh dearest love, whose presence promises
the nourishment of dippered dreams, my heart unfolds
in lotus song ... through shrouded mists I bow to greet
such rays, my rivered fingers silver etched with psalms
of sylvan reverence, still fragile with this gift of love,
still trembling, hesitant to trust such constant care ...
but every anguished trial which holds me prisoner must
leave me pierced yet strengthened, if not saintly graced.
Ancestral peaks protect each oceaned rosary ...
so wrapped in harmony, I reach infinity.
Your sunlight gaze reflects the dawn and evening star
and we embrace the heavens,
veniced where we are.