Ann Creer
From the Deepest and Darkest Depth of your being
… I AM, WE ARE …
Witness to all that is.
Shall we listen to each Heartbeat of the Heavenly Cosmos as One

Each and every moment
Time may slip you into a Harness of the Past
Where is the immediate celebration of the NOW
Exploding, Imploding
Only through Cosmic Attention and Intention

Your fingers long for my Touch
Often forgetting that in the longing is the Desire
Yet within the ACTIVE WILL
Is the all-embracing communion, the KNOWING

Each moment of conscious Awareness
I bathe your Being with the Radiant Powers of Spirit
Prismatic colours of Sound through tones of Love
Holographic Patterns of Truths, Power and Perfection

Mandalas of Translucent Harmonics
Where Order and Containment Prevail
Where Bliss Instills Her Ultimate Presence in Boundless Rhythms of Being … and Becoming …
… a Psalm of Stillness
Where neither Height, Depth, Direction, nor Altered Reality may ever lay claim to our Separation
I AM, WE ARE, Witness to ALL THAT IS.

Shall we Listen to each Heartbeat of the Heavenly Cosmos, as One